Appeals reminder
Posted By: Head Convenor
Thursday, September 13, 2018

Again this year we are going to entertain appeals.
- Remember if you get a 5 min major or you are asked to leave then you are likely looking at a suspension. The referees do have the option of given a game ejection and this does NOT carry a suspension. We update the website as fast as we normally can, so please watch/wait for your suspension to be posted.
- Suspension can be appealed by the Team rep only. This is done via email with any information that the rep would like the league to consider. (Blaming the officials is NOT grounds for an appeal) Teams reps are asked to wait at least 12 hrs after the game before filing an appeal. (It takes longer to actually issue the suspension)
- There is no face to face appeals and team reps cannot appeal a suspension decision for a player not on their roster. (ie. Appeal an opposing player's suspension so it is longer) 
- The appeals process takes a while so suspensions of under 5 games cannot be appealed. 
- The only reasons a suspension would be reduced is if;
     - the referee decides there was a mistake with the official game record.
- another off  ice or on ice official provides new information that was not considered at the time the suspension was given out.
- if the referee suggests that the suspension is too harsh for the infraction. 
- there was an error in the application of the league rules when the suspension was issued  
- In the event, a player was suspend under a rule which provides the Head of Discipline the authority to suspend within a range of games, then the appeal will likely be reviewed by an independent person appointed at the beginning of the season.
The governing and overruling principle in all discipline rulings will the be safety of current and future players
- When requesting an appeal a player must be aware that they MAY received a longer suspension or fine if new information is discovered. Such as, but not limited to;
- past history of dangerous play
- physical or verbal abuse of officials (on or off ice)
- actions during the game that were not previously reported.
- if the players refuses to leave the ice or their poor conduct off the ice once removed
- damage to private or city property 
- etc 
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