Each year the Kingston Hockey League (KHL) receives several applications from teams to join the KHL.

If your team would like to apply to join the KHL or change divisions, please fill out this form and send it

NOTE: New Team applications must be made before August 1st. Only successful Applicants will be contacted.




1.       Copy the File and Paste into Word Document.  Fill out  the New Team Application in detail.

2.       Save the file and Email to (w_daniel_s_graham@hotmail.com)

3.       New teams will be placed in the division requested unless that division is already full.

4.       Teams will then be placed in the next lowest division available.

5.       Decisions on placement and acceptance of new teams will be made before August 10. 

6.       Team fees for the 2013-14 season will be $7300.






Contact: Name, number and email please


 Alternate contact person


League & Division (Last year):


Applying to join which division?Competitive Div1, Div2, Div3, Div4,
Gentlemen's (over 30)


Jerseys (ie: Flames - White, Flames - Red)

Note** All jersey colours must be approved by the League prior to entry into the division.

Please contact the divisional convenor(s) once you have been placed in a division to discuss your jersey colour choice.










(Please fill out as much detail about your roster as possible)


Note: Each team is only allowed to list 1 Goaltender and 17 skaters. All players must be 18 years of age or older at the start of the season. Players in the over 30 division must be 30 by December 31st.

Teams who wish to register more than 18 players must contact the league directly.

KHL Rosters are locked after the 10th game of the regular season.




Player Name         

Highest Level Played (Team & League)